A typical AWA order includes:
1 x Machine
1 x AWA Bottle
The required CO2 tank is NOT included.

The standard 60L tank is screwed into the bottom of the carbonator in seconds, hiding it discreetly in the body and allowing us to avoid any electronics or cables. 

You can find these at most grocery stores (Target, Wallgreens etc.) where they can be traded in for refills at a lower rate. AWA does not sell tanks on our website because we feel the trade-in option is more sustainable than shipping refills back and forth.

You can also order one here, which will be fulfilled through Amazon. Please note that although these are not AWA branded tanks, they are fully compatible with the AWA Carbonator. 

Standard CO2 tanks in Australia and New Zealand have a different thread and DO NOT work with the AWA Carbonator.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out on our contact form here.