Natural Flavors

Mix it up

A couple drops of our natural flavors make a healthy and refreshing alternative to sugary sodas.

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Clean & fresh, every time.

No Sugar. No problem.

Enjoy a clean alternative to sodas. Carbonate water in the comfort of your home and indulge in a fresh drink without the guilt.

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No more single-use plastics.

No waste, just taste.

The metal cap on the transparent AWA Signature bottle ensures a tight seal to preserve bubbles longer.

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Minimalism at its finest

European Design

The metal drip tray always keeps your kitchen looking clean and fresh.

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From Iceland with love

On an excursion through Iceland we stumbled upon a creek of fresh drinking water. To our surprise is was carbonated naturally by the Earth. It quickly became our mission to bring this same experience into your home while reducing the waste caused by single-use plastic bottles.

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AWA Carbonator

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