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Homemade, made modern.

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Co2 Refill Club


Your best-self, makes sparkling water at home

With the pusssshhhhhhh of a button you're drinking healthier, feeling better and wasting less time, money, energy and plastic. Drinking should be easy and enjoyable.


A modern and affordable way to make home-made sparkling water in seconds – and in style. Just add water and press the button for bubbles.

The cordless Scandinavian design is stunning and as a Club member I never run out of gas!
— Mia
Toting multiple 12-packs of LaCroix home from the grocery store every week adds up – in both cost and in waste. You may want to invest in an at-home carbonator"
— Mashable

How it works

Start today, and refill when you want. Get two cylinders and an exchange box. If you already have a tank, just order one more and we can refill both.

To return simply place your empty canisters inside the same box and hand it to your mailman. That's it. We'll send you full Co2 tanks within a couple days.

Only $21 per exchange

  • Free shipping.
  • No monthly fee of binding period.
  • We only charge when you want refills.

Refills have never been easier.

Already have tanks?

We accept most tank brands incl. Sodastream™ & Aarke™ (check our FAQ for details). Since we refill two tanks at a time we suggest having 3 tanks total. One in your machine and two sent for refill. Never run out!