Every minute over a million single-use plastic bottles are thrown away. As the popularity of sparkling water surges, so does the amount of sparkling water bottles ending up in landfills and oceans. 

At AWA, we spend most of our time in nature and in the ocean. We realized that if we created sparkling water bottles that lasted longer, we could reduce the amount of bottles used daily by many sparkling water lovers. So we set out to create not just efficient sparkling water machines, but also long lasting bottles with a super tight seal to avoid having to refill your tanks too often.

Having an AWA Carbonator doesn't its reduce the amount of plastic bottles being produced, but it also reduces the amount of energy used to transport bottled water around the world and to you.

And as a benefit to you for all this, you're saving time, money and effort by making fresh sparkling water in the comfort of your home.