• Carbonator (2 FREE tanks) & GIFT BOX

Carbonator (2 FREE tanks) & GIFT BOX

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The easiest way to get started!
Never run out of gas again. We'll include 2 Co2 tanks (value $60) and a box. Just place your empty tanks inside and hand the box to your mailman. That's it. We'll send you freshly filled ones within a week.

Enjoy fresh soda water in seconds with the AWA Carbonator. Created for sparkling water lovers looking for a minimalistic design without the hassle. Just press, pour and enjoy. No mess, no waste, just great taste.

Scandinavian Design
With its matte black finish and chrome accents, AWA complements any kitchen while taking up minimal space on your counter. No cords! Place it anywhere and move it around freely if you want to switch things up. 

Quick & Easy Setup 
Twist the standard CO2 tank in from below. Fill the bottle with clean drinking water and insert it into the machine. Press the button on the top to carbonate as much as your taste desires (hold down for extra bubbles). You’re done! Pour a glass and enjoy.

Hint of Taste?
Drop-in a slice of lemon or check out one of our recipes. We have plenty more from our audience on Instagram. Join us on the gram!

Stop throwing out countless bottles of single-use sparkling water! The AWA Carbonator and bottles were designed to be reusable. Now you can enjoy refreshing drinks daily without the guilt.

Safety & Certificates
We ran AWA through intensive testing making sure it's safe to use. We have FDA and CE certifications. Bottles are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

1 x Sparkling Water Machine
1 x AWA Bottle (1L / 34ox)
2 x Co2 tanks

To refill Co2 tanks just ship them out in the return box with the pre-paid shipping label and we will refill your tanks for just $21 each.