• Co2 Tank Refill Box

Co2 Tank Refill Box

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The easiest way to refill your Co2 tanks!

With the Co2 exchange program we send you a box, just place your empty tanks inside and hand the box to your mailman. That's it. We'll send you freshly filled ones within a week.

We refill 2 tanks at a time, so you need at least 2. We recommend having 3 tanks total, so you have 1 in your machine and two sent for refill in the box.

If you already have another brand tank, we can take most of those too (see FAQ for details).

You Get: 

  • Your Selected Number of Canisters
  • 1 Co2 Refill Box
  • 1 Prepaid USPS Return Label
  • Free membership in our Co2 Refill Club 

Extra Perks: 

  • Your next refill order will be $21 per Canister.
  • Free Shipping included on all orders
  • Estimated arrival time is between 2-7 days